Why Choose Insurance Masters?

You want the best health coverage for your money. We want to give you the best experience possible! From cost to customer service, we are changing the way families get health insurance.

Yes! The Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) sought to make health insurance available to more people. Now, insurance companies have to offer more affordable plans to consumers, and the government subsidizes the cost of many of those plans for people who make between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. We help you figure out which of those plans is right for your budget, your health needs and where you live.

We don’t charge you a dime! We already have contracts with all of the insurance carriers that we work with, and they pay US to bring on great clients, set you up with the right plan, handle the paperwork, and resolve issues for you and them.

You could. However, working with the insurance carriers directly, we play an important role in making sure that the plan you need is actually the plan you get. For instance, we know that in South Carolina, the cheapest insurance carriers in some areas aren’t actually in network with local hospitals or popular primary care physicians. If you just pick the lowest premium online, you could wind up paying more! We also handle making sure all of the documentation you need is submitted, so you don’t lose coverage from missing paperwork. And in case of a billing error, we have great relationships with our carrier partners to get your problems resolved!

Mario Roker and his wife Sheila started Insurance Masters to provide an unbiased, customer centered service to individuals and families needing quality, affordable health insurance. Since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people find and enroll in the best ACA plans that fit their budget.

No more wasting your valuable time waiting for endless websites to load or yelling, “Representative!” to an automated answering service.

No more hoping that your coverage includes your primary care doctor and the prescriptions you need.

No more confusing advice, complicated processes, or crummy online plans that don’t meet your needs.

Instead, we have a team of licensed agents ready to listen to what you need and provide you with all the knowledge and guidance you need to choose the best healthcare plan for your health and your budget!

Ready to try an insurance company that
works for you at no additional cost?

They configured our family plan so that our coverage just made sense. Amanda was, hands down, the kindest representative I’ve ever had the pleasure to speak with.

Chrystalyn P.

Insurance Masters makes getting insurance EASY and affordable

With our team of local, licensed agents, you have access to as much guidance and custom guidance as you need to make the best choice for insurance coverage –at no additional cost to you!

Life changes fast. Luckily, Insurance Masters has multiple options so you’re always covered.

$0 Health Insurance Options

There really are plans out there that will cost you nothing out of pocket! See if you qualify for one of our $0 plans now.

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Medicare Made Simple

Our team of local Medicare experts is ready to help you find the best coverage for your unique needs.

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Employer Options Available

Ready to take your business to the next level by offering insurance options to your employees? We have an ICHRA plan that’s right for you.
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Dental Insurance Options

Lack of dental care affects more than just your teeth! Make sure you’re protecting your health with a dental plan today.

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Life Insurance Options

Peace of mind life insurance policies are one of the best gifts you can leave your loved ones.

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Gap Insurance Options

Life throws curveballs when you least expect them. Our selection of short term, gap insurance plans keep you covered no matter what.
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