We know how one moment can change everything

 Accidents can happen at any time, potentially resulting in copays, transportation costs, and other expenses that your health insurance doesn’t cover. That’s why Insurance Masters offers accident insurance: So you’re covered, no matter what medical mishap you find yourself in.

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Don’t be at the mercy of your next medical mishap

Accident insurance is a supplemental plan that pays you CASH for covered services, like imaging for a sprained ankle or for an unexpected hospital stay. These benefits are paid regardless of your health insurance coverage, so you can focus on your recovery.

Guaranteed Coverage for ages 18 to 64

No questionnaires, biometric exams, or getting denied for your health situation.

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Use It for What You Need

Once you’ve received your cash benefit from a covered accident or injury, you can use that cash for whatever expenses were added to your life as a result of the accident.

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No Network

Our accident insurance plans pay based on the service, not the provider. If you have a covered accident, you’ll receive the benefit, regardless of your health plan, network, or provider.

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“Insurance Masters has been very nice and always available when we needed them.”

— Natasha B.