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Critical Illness Plans


Don't get caught short!

Get covered today.

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Did you know?

Cancer is affecting more people…
  • Men have nearly a 1-in-2 lifetime risk of developing cancer.
  • Women have more than a 1-in-3 lifetime risk.

Heart attacks and strokes must not be overlooked
  • This year, 8.5 million Americans will suffer a heart attack.
  • Every 40 seconds on average, someone in the U.S. has a stroke.

Unfortunately, medical costs are only one piece of the puzzle....

   1. Insurance shortfall
       Deductibles  Benefit limitations

   2. Special expenses
        Transportation Hotels Special diets Family care
  3. Living expenses
         House payments Utilities (gas/electric) Groceries
  4. Loss of income
        If you or your spouse are unable to work or are caring for         

          another family member

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