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Business Tax Incentive Program

Money for your company
Innovative companies across the US claim billions in R&D tax credits each year, but most still go to large corporations. Recent changes create new access for SMBs and even pre-revenue startups to one of America’s biggest tax incentives.

93% of Business Owners are OVERPAYING their taxes!

Are you? 

We are trusted by hundreds of founders, companies, CPAs, and partners across the country due to our industry expertise and specialized focus. We evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize the R&D credit, and generate the necessary documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.

93% of Business Owners are OVERPAYING their taxes!

Are you? 

A Clear and Efficient Path To Obtain Your Benefits
We do the work, you get the credit. We designed our solution with your busy schedule in mind, providing a clear path to obtain the R&D tax credit. Our customers spend a short amount of their time while we take care of the rest.

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Helping innovative companies claim the R&D Tax Credits they’ve earned.


What is the public policy reason for the R&D tax credit?
The U.S. government created the R&D tax credit in 1981 to incentivize American based companies to create innovative technology, instead of losing intellectual property to other nations.

Why haven’t I heard of this?
Many companies were not eligible to receive a current benefit until the PATH act was passed in 2015. And once passed, not a lot of companies heard about it. Even companies that did know about it failed to pursue it, due to complexity and time constraints. We offer a solution that makes it easier and less time consuming.

This sounds too good to be true. Is it?
No! The R&D tax credit was created by the U.S. government to give funds back to companies who spend money on technology-based innovation.

What’s the benefit?
Simply put, the R&D tax credit creates money that goes back in your company’s pocket to fuel further innovation and growth. Estimate your R&D credit with our quick calculator.

Typically 7-10% of qualified expenditures, the credit can be used to offset:
Income taxes if you are in a taxable position.
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) if you have less than $50 million in average revenue for the 3 preceding years from the tax year, and you owe AMT in the current year.
Employer portion of social security taxes up to $250,000 each fiscal year, allowing qualified small businesses to receive the benefit regardless of profitability.

What’s the process like?
With AIA, it takes a fraction of the time to pursue the R&D tax credit compared to traditional R&D studies. To learn more about our technology-enabled process, please visit Our Solution.

Does my company need to be in a specific industry?

No. Companies in many different industries qualify. To learn more please visit The Opportunity.

Do I receive money one time or every year?

You receive money every year you are eligible.

Is this the same thing as the GAAP accounting for R&D?

No. The purpose of GAAP is to make sure financial reporting is consistent and transparent. The R&D tax credit rewards companies for innovation.

How do I know if my company does R&D?

If your company has wage or other expenses related to the development of new or improved products, you may have qualifying R&D activities.

Why does you offer this?
We aim to maximize the intent of the government by building awareness of the R&D tax credit, especially amongst entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies looking to grow by investing in technology-based innovation.