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Hospital Indemnity

Plans also have a place in your health package, however these are not to be confused with a comprehensive Health Insurance Policy. Hospital Indemnity Plans can be an excellent Supplemental in addition another plan you may have. But as a standalone Health Plan it has many limitations . . . .which is why they are often called Limited Benefit Plans. Consult one of our licensed Agents before you make any decisions.


HealthshareAn excellent alternative to the Affordable Care Act plans. They offer the same Preventive Care which is the hallmark of the Affordable Care Act and also protect you from the fines. Although these plans are an excellent alternative, they have some limitations and should be discussed with one of our Licensed Agents here at Insurance Masters.

Specified Term health Insurance

Health Insurance plans are popular because in many ways they represent the Health Insurance Plans prior to the Affordable Care Act. They can be purchased year round and they are offered by most of the major Health Insurance Carriers which of course stimulate competition, thereby keeping the rates very affordable.  Something that the The Affordable Care Act did not accomplish.

 ACA Open Enrollment begins 11/1/2020 to 12/15/2020

for a January 1, 2021 effective date.

There are many choices for health Insurance. 

Some plans are excellent and some plans are extremely limited coverage.

It's imperative that the buyer beware.

The Affordable Care Act

may still be an excellent solution for individuals who have lost coverage form work and have serious health conditions.There are several other factors that may make ACA plans desireable, however it is imperative that you speak with a qualified agent to understand the qualifications.

There are many Health Plan options available.

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