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What are the chances of surviving a critical illness?
Fortunately, the chances of surviving a major illness are improving. However the costs associated with battling an illness can be detrimental to individuals that do not have the financial reserves to fund recovery.  An ABR may be the resource you need to help maintain financial stability and get back on your feet quickly after recovery.

Nearly 69% chance of

surviving cancer
The 5-year relative survival

rate for all cancers

diagnosed in 2005 - 2011

Nearly 83% chance of

surviving a stroke
The yearly survival rate of

people in the

US who have a stroke

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Component #1 - A health insurance plan

This plan provides funding to maintain your financial obligations* during recovery.  If recovery is not possible a death benefit is provided. (*Mortgage, auto payment, routine household expenses, credit card payments, business expenses etc..)

Component #2 - A critical illness plan

This plan pays the physician, surgical and hospital charges

Client Testimonial

Mario I just wanted to thank you for the policy you sold me years ago during the time when I was in the class above the below and below the middle could not get insurance because of preexisting conditions and felt like I was walking on egg shells. You offered me a policy that I didn’t know if I would ever use that if I got cancer I would be able to draw from it to live on it during the time that I was doing treatment. I’m self-employed so no work no money! That was my biggest fear being a single head of household if I couldn’t work my children and I would lose our home. Hard to build up a savings account with three kids to get through school and started with their lives.
Fast forward to July 29 when I receive my diagnosis with two different types of cancer in both breasts and scheduled for a double mastectomy  on August 13. Six weeks off work before release to go back to work. Now facing three months of chemo and 33 radiation treatments before I am done. I filed my claim on this policy the day before I went into surgery not knowing what to expect. The bills started popping in I do have healthcare now I was able to buy that when the preexisting ban was off insurance companies. But not working and bills coming in .  Then hallelujah I receive a check for $77,000 in the mail! Wow stress was gone I was able to recuperate without worrying about how I was gonna pay those bills or if I was going to be able to pay those bills not even talking about the treatment I’m gonna be doing? On how much I’ll be able to work during chemo.

So thanks to that Leap of faith at Mario encourage me to sign up for I can focus on my recovery and not the devastation of no income! Thank you so much Mario



September 2019

There are 2 essential components of a comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
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